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I have way, way, WAY too many books! I do separate board books from paperback books when they are out on the shelf and have half of them stored in a bin. I'm terrible at rotating them on a regular basis, but they have so many to read, that it takes awhile to get through even half that I do have out. When I get tired of reading the same ones, then I usually rotate them. As far as season books, I don't separate them, but I do make sure to have them out at the right times. To me, a good book is always fun to read, even if it's summer time and the book is about winter.

I made a list this school year of some of the non-board books, but only the ones that are on the Accelerated Reader list. The only reason I even did the list was so I could have a handy reference for DS to check what level the books were at.
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