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Default Lending Library?

Kitkat, have you ever done a "library" option for parents where you let children pick out 1, 2, or 3 books or something to "check out" over the weekend? I am interested in doing this from the beginning to be more appealing when they choose a child care home. I thought I could hang up a sheet for the name of the book, date out, date in (to be filled in after the book is returned) Parent signature (to be signed at check out) and a provider initials (to be signed when returned). Does anyone think this is a good idea?

If I do this from the start, then I can have a place in my contract about our daycare library option and that each book lost will need to be replaced at $X.XX (current value OR flat dollar amount) if it is lost or never returned. I guess I wouldn't know about doing a late fee, but I would also have a statement that 2 or 3 books per family is the limit and they must return the current ones before checking out additonal ones. I might also have to add something about minor damage happens, but major damage including, but not limited to: missing pages, marked up pages, non-readable pages, or water damage will need to be replaced at $X.XX (again, current value OR flat dollar amount).

This could even be a day by day thing just so parents don't have to have a huge collection of books at home or make extra trips to the library as often and have more quality family time at home together. What do you think????
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