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Default Library Idea

I think the idea of doing a library is cute. I like the flat fee for replacing the book and I dont think you should do a late fee. I agree that that will be a nice thing to set you apart when you first start.

I have a walk in closet that I set up as our 'library' for the kids. The books stay here but they are able to check out (meaning take out of the closet/library) and read for the day, but it has to be returned at the end of the day. I am not as organized as you though (with having a checklist to track) and honestly once it would leave my house I would never remember that it left.

So ---- It would honestly depends on the families/parents. Alot of parents can barely remember to bring back paperwork that needs to be signed. Some parents might end up taking the books home and losing them and then just buying them from you, so in their eyes it might be more a hassle..
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