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Originally Posted by sahm1225 View Post

So ---- It would honestly depends on the families/parents. Alot of parents can barely remember to bring back paperwork that needs to be signed. Some parents might end up taking the books home and losing them and then just buying them from you, so in their eyes it might be more a hassle..
So limited the checkout limit Per Family will keep the amount of books down they need to remember. Maybe adding if books have to continually be purchased (choose a number, like the third incident) then disqualify the family from the lending library program I offer?

I know not all parents are honest so if I have the "three chances before disqualifying a family" rule, then besides eliminating the so-called-hassle of remembering to bring the books may stop them from actually just saying they lost it because my fee per book lost/never returned would be less than purchasing the book ($3 or something low) so they might want to just "lose it" instead of buy it from the store. It would be cheaper for them to pay my lost fee for the book if they really liked it than to actually buy it from the store is what I'm thinking could happen. What do you think about this in the policy too?
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