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Originally Posted by kitkat View Post

If you do a library check out, definitely limited the number of books and make sure the policies are spelled out in your handbook. I like the idea of a flat replacement fee. Not only does the book need to get replaced, but think of the time it'll take you to drive around to get it or find it online.
I think if I have a section in my handbook about the Lending Library, I would do it every Friday only to cut back on the other days of the week and to prevent kids standing around forever when their parents are here to pick them up everyday. Is 2 books a good limit Per Family? I really don't think I will ever get a family of three children since I am not offering siblings discounts, so I think a 2 book checkout limit Friday-Monday would be great. The check out board would be on the wall near the entrance, so my form of a "late fee" that doesn't exist is that their name would be on the check-out board until they return it. Do you think I would ever have a problem of them just not returning it? It is meant for weekend checkout, so what should I write in the handbook about extended checkouts?

If the family has three damaged books, then I would have the right to end the lending library with that family. If a book was damaged, I would probably not waste my time getting that exact same book, I would just get whatever I find that is in fantastic condition at a garage sale or thrift shop, so I really wouldn't be out any money or any inconvenience. I obviously would have certain books that I wouldn't let the kids check out and those would be the ones I love, LOL.
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