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Default No Thanks for Mother's Day Gifts

The kids made mini flower pot butterfly gardens for their moms and were so proud of the cards they made and the flower pots they decorated for their moms. Dads pick up most of the kids and the moms and I communicate through facebook emails (daily updates, pictures, etc.). I even ran into one of the moms at our kids' sporting event this weekend. Not so much as a thank you. I feel a little...disappointed? since I knew how proud the kids were. I really feel like "why bother" and I won't be doing anything next year for them. This brings me to my next question: do I even bother for Father's Day? I don't want to leave them out or make them feel forgotten (or maybe I am thinking too much into it). But yeah. I totally get why some of you choose not to go out of your way for it now!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and the moms here enjoyed their special day!
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