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Default Ideas for Mother's Day??

I *think* I know what I'm going to do with the kids but am not sure, just wondering what you all are doing.
My idea is getting some canvas tote bags and having the dcks make flowers out of hand prints, then making the If you give a mom a muffin poem on their footprints, along with homemade muffins, to tuck into their bags. Don't know if it'll actually happen or not.
I usually do clay pots that the kids paint, then plant flowers in them. But I've done them so many times through out the years that my long time dcms must have quite a collection. Lol And last year when we made them, we did ladybugs and bumblebees out of their thumbprints; came out so sweet. But I found I had done most of the work just to make them look like ladybugs and bumblebees.
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