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Default Is Playpen Adequate for Sleeping in California Daycare

It would appear that cribs are required.

(a) In addition to Section 101239.1, the following shall apply:
(b) A standard size six-year crib or porta-crib meeting the following requirements shall be provided for
each infant who is unable to climb out of a crib:
(1) Stacking wall cribs or cribs stacked one on top of another, often referred to as tiered cribs, shall
not be permitted.
(2) Cribs shall not limit the ability of staff to see the infant.
(3) Cribs shall not limit the infant's ability to stand upright.
(4) Crib mattresses shall be:
(A) Covered with vinyl or similar moisture-resistant material.
(B) Wiped with a detergent/disinfectant daily and when soiled or wet.
(C) Maintained in a safe condition with no exposed foam, batting or coils.
(5) Cribs equipped with bumper pads shall be covered with vinyl or similar moisture-resistant
material. Each crib shall have a sheet to cover the mattress and, depending on the temperature, a
sheet and/or blanket to cover the infant.
(A) If bumper pads are used, they shall be installed around the entire inner portion of the crib
and tied or snapped into place in at least six places.
(B) The mattress shall be set at its lowest position and the side rail shall be locked in its
highest position.
(C) Cribs shall have spaces between crib slats of no more than 2 3/8 inches.
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