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Welcome to the forum. We are a fairly civil group.

I see that your IP is in southern California. Is that correct? I was thinking that if you were in a colder state, the children would naturally be inside more during winter. So that solution doesn't seem to help. I know how kids screaming can get on your nerves. Before I had children, I was the same way. I am an audio person, so I hear things that easily interrupt me. I try now to think that of the sound of children means that a neighborhood is alive and growing. I put a positive spin on it. I know that probably doesn't help you.

Have you thought about moving your office to the opposite side of your house? If you have a large SUV, possibly you can conduct your most important online meetings in your car. They are pretty sound proof depending on the car.

I seems like your neighbor is trying to help. Likewise, running a daycare can be a lot for her to handle. The only thing that stood out in your thread is that she had 8+ children. In California, if she is a small home, she may be over ratio. (too many children for one person to care for).

With COVID hurting incomes, she may be taking on more than she can handle.

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