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I believe she is allowed to daycare as a renter in California, so calling her landlord may or may not help.

Her taking the kids off site to a park may not be an option for her either via regulations or that she can't manage them in an open setting without bathrooms or having multi level age group kids wherein the infants need attention which would make it difficult to supervise the older kids on equipment.

I really don't see an out for you. Any suggestions of time they are out wouldn't work. She is going to go in and out based on nap schedules, feeding schedules, arrival and departure schedules etc. It's not really something she can preplan as daycare is fluid on the day to day.

Unless you can figure out somewhere to go off site to work, I can't really see many options. She may have too many kids because the demand is high so I would check her license and see if she is within her limits when they are outside.
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