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I know kids playing outside can get loud and occasional crying is to be expected with a large group but encouraging the kids to howl as loudly as they can and blasting music is a whole other thing. That's just rude and thoughtless, in my opinion. My house is surrounded by fields for the most part but I still make sure my day care kids are respectful of the few neighbors who could possibly hear them. Are other neighbors being disturbed, too? If so, would they be willing to speak with her as well? I'm thinking maybe if the provider understood it isn't just you but several others she's affecting, maybe she'd be better at trying to keep things a little quieter? Hopefully it doesn't get to that point but if you have to call in a noise complaint, I wouldn't feel too bad about it. It sounds as though you've tried to be nice; she's not trying very hard to do her part. Good luck!
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