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So I had the kids out today and they were LOUD but I don't allow them to scream (it was all laughing)
I do not raise my voice inside or out, so that's not an issue. We are only out there for 30minutes mid morning, but are RIGHT next to our neighbors, so I do try to keep it to a dull roar :P

My mom has a daycare behind her house and I can tell you every child's name, because it's usually YELLED by the provider on a daily basis :|

I strongly dislike kids screaming when they play, it isn't safe. If I hear a kid screaming I want to KNOW they are screaming because something is wrong, not have to guess. We have a big grassy area behind our house and neighbor kids play out there a lot, sometimes screaming. I never know if it's something I should go check on or if they are just playing. I try to teach our kids to only scream if they are hurt or scared, NOT when playing.
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