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Angry Day care

I can completely relate. My neighbor ( here in LA ) let's the kids scream all day. The babies cry sometimes for an hour straight.. ( she told me she let's them "cry it out". We had a police intervention as all the neighbors were infuriated. The one behind had to sell their home to escape it. She blasts music outside for dance time 30-45 min straight( Baby Shark etc... ) I work from home ( Covid) and I own my house. I can't escape it and can't have meetings between 9am - and 12 noon. It is crazy how she let's these kids scream at the top of their lungs and never tells them to stop. The police come and make comments about how I am clearly not a mom ( WTF? ) When friends come to stay ( yes even with their kids ) they are horrified by the behavior. Day cares should not be allowed in residential areas unless they are indoors. These kids are outside all day.
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