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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Day cares should not be allowed in residential areas unless they are indoors. These kids are outside all day.
You should take this up with your state’s daycare licensing dept. Most states require providers allow a minimum amount of time outdoors every day as long as it is not above or below certain temperatures. Your solution is sure to cause a childcare shortage. I wouldn’t run a daycare where kids couldn’t get outside to play. They would destroy my home without the release of energy outdoor play provides.

I wonder if all my neighbors would be willing to pay for the damage to my home just so they don’t have to listen to my daycare kids outside. I haven’t heard a single complaint from any of my neighbors though. They all make their fair share of noise. I live in a single house development is a fairly rural area and I’m still bothered by neighbors who have family/marital spats in the wee hours of the morning, several neighbors who like to rev their Harleys and loud cars, neighbors having parties, lighting fireworks, planes from a nearby small airport, helicopters from a National Guard base, blasting from a local quarry that shakes my home, the trucks that pick up the materials from that quarry, etc. There’s noise everywhere. Sometimes I have to close my windows and turn on the a/c or a sound machine so that my daycare kids can nap or I can sleep at night. I have the right to relocate if it gets to be too much.
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