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Originally Posted by AmyLeigh View Post
I have an issue with that, too. Watch any documentary on food and you will see how much the government has a say in what we eat. Really scary. If gov't really had people's best interests in mind, we would be reimbursed more for organic, vegetarian/vegan meals and more raw foods. We become trapped between knowing what we want to/should do, and what we actually can afford to do.
I've seen a couple and they are just gross. I've been slowly going toward vegetarian meals but it's difficult to make the change especially when I'm repairing my house and getting it as efficient as possible. My husband has suggested we save for new windows, and solar panels and then we can go as organic and vegetarian as we want to. In the mean time he and I have stopped drinking milk and we'll stop buying meat and get more into the alternative proteins according to the food program.
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