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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I disagree.
Its thoughtless and disrespectful to the provider if the provider goes through the trouble of printing up a yearly calendar and other reminder notices. And especially disrespectful to the provider that gets woken up.
I dont care if you are a working parent or stay at home parent but if you can't remember what day of the week it is or if it's a holiday or not I'd probably be a little concerned about your well being.
It seems too many important things now days are overlooked and given little thought with the excuse that parents are simply busy.
I think it's just another sad example of how thoughtless society has become.
I bet not a single one of these parents have accidentally showed up at their jobs on their day off.
I also don't know many providers that dont give multiple written and verbal reminders so showing up to drop your kid off at a providers home when you were told they were closed IS careless, thoughtless, disrespectful and rude.
This is my thought as well!
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