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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Did you have any siblings of SA that left because you don't provide care for them?

I would prefer not have SA at all, but I'm worried I would lose the siblings as well. That's a large chunk of my group.
No. I have not. There are many options that are half my price for school aged care with longer hours and better outdoor play equipment for their body size. It is literally better for the kids and the parents to leave here at 5. I still have to shove some out, it baffles me.

The only time I really lose current 3 and under clients is when one too many become pregnant at the same time. First born, first enrolled is all I can do in fairness. Sometimes other families move their older kids so the younger kids can stay together with their siblings. They like the continuation and function together as an extended family. Sometimes I have to ask, sometimes they offer.

Generally, older kids yield to younger ones as finding infant/toddler care, full actual care, is the hardship locally.
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