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A lot of providers in my area donít take SA. Theyíre just not a good mix with the younger kids, they play too rough and they donít respect nap time for the younger kids.

I find that the parents get confused about payment too when they have a younger sibling in care. If I charge drop-in rates for school-age they think they shouldnít have to pay for a day the full-time kids are absent.

I currently have 4 SA and it is a nightmare. I only took them because they have been with me for years with younger siblings in care and our schools arenít doing full-time in-person learning. The older kids needed some place to go for remote learning while their parents work. I keep my daycare space separate for my sanity but the SA are all in my personal space because they canít be in close proximity to all the young kidsí noise or each other.

When they play outside, they trash the yard and my home. Throwing frisbees that hit windows, running through the flower beds, climbing on the landscaping bricks, knocking out screens, etc. They simply need a different program that can provide them with activities that fit their age.
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