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Originally Posted by caring4kidsinSD View Post
Stop sending your 18 mo old girl to daycare with those stupid clip barrettes. They dont' stay in at all and all she wants to do is put it in her mouth. I'm sorry she can't see but figure something else out and I can't keep putting it back in every 5 mintues onces she takes it out!!!
Buy a stash of headbands at the Dollar Tree and once Mama leaves, take the clip out and stick on a headband. If she tries to take them off, a quick shoo of the hands away from her face for a day or two will get her to stop. Headbands are my FAVORITE things, and I can get 10 of them for $1 which lasts me forever. Once Mama pulls into the driveway, switch the headband for the clip and send that baby on her happy, merry way.

I have two parents who wait until their kid's bangs are soooooo long....they are literally touching their eyelashes, before they take their kid to get a haircut. So obnoxious! I guess it's only me who notices that their child can't see and they are continually pushing their hair out of their eyes so they can see Headbands are livesavers with these children.
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