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Default Letter to Early Arriving Parents - Help I am a pushover

What would you do?

I have parents contracted 6-4 everyday (10 hours). Last Monday, parents arrived 15 minutes early, at 5:45am. I figured it was a fluke, but the next day, I made sure that my lights were off in my house until 5:55- well, I planned on doing that anyway. They came knocking at 5:50, and again, the next day. DCD asked if it was ok to come 5 mins early DCM got a new job (at least I knew now why they were so early), and I agreed, because I am a pushover and don't know how to tell people no. The next 2 days they came at 5:50...

I am NOT good at confrontation and can allow emotions to affect what I say, so I decided to write a letter. I included a copy of their contract, and a letter stating that their contracted hours are 6-4, and that I will honor the 5 mins early, but if they need to drop off earlier then they have to pay an extended day fee (they were referred by a friend and I gave them a discount- they are paying the least, their kid is the youngest, and they stay the longest; I will never make that mistake again).

Anyway, DCD sends me a text and asks me to talk to them in person next time instead of writing a letter, and (this is the part that upset me), that if things aren't working out to just let them know. I thought that was that I did- let them know, professionally, and in a non-confrontational manner, that they cannot get 10 extra free minutes of daycare per day (and I didn't word it that way- I was very nice). Why would they assume things arent working out? Their kid is great, I love having him- but I do not love having him at 5:45am when he is supposed to be here at 6:00.

Why do I feel like I am the one in the wrong here? My husband says I am just overly-sensitive and that I care too much what other people think. Ugh- thoughts?
Was it bad to write a professional letter, offering them longer hours for a higher fee?
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