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Originally Posted by MNMum View Post
Blackcat any tips on getting a 16 mo old to use an open cup. This is a child who has some sensory issues. He freaks out and gags himself if I try to serve him something on a spoon and he is acting this same way with the open cup. I was just able to transition him to the sippy in the last month. If I put it on the table with him, he chucks it at me(and his mom). Mom wants to put him at the center across the street with his sister, but he can't bring the sippy with him.
I use 5 oz Dixie cups so their little hands can manage them easily. I simply start off by putting only a swallow's worth in the cup and just add a little more until they can manage a full cup.

It takes some patience and I also need to be right there to say "nooooo" immediately when they begin to tip it over or mess around.

It really only takes a few meals/snacks before they figure it out.

I am also very no nonsense and will not hesitate to take the cup if they are just messing. ALL my kiddos know meal times are NOT time to mess around.
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