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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I think it would be cheaper and far more effective to educate parents.

For every ad you see on CL or elsewhere advertising cheap ILLEGAL child care, post the regulations or rules for your area.

Repeat that process so that on EVERY page of Craig's list there are links to where parents can find out the rules/regs for their areas.

We, as providers DO have a voice! You just have to be creative, persistent and diligent in using it. If we waited for licensing to hire someone or to be able to even make a dent in stopping illegal child care, we'd all be dead and gone.
Excellent, excellent point! Absolutely agree. We should all do as you suggested and try to.educate parents. It IS tough to get people hired, many obstacles. Ultimately, the licensing authority is the agency that is charged with enforcement,.and unfortunately,.real action has to come from them.

I think what Tom said above about enforcing advertising rules, or.even making those rules really needs to happen.
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