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Originally Posted by AmyKidsCo View Post
I'm curious... if you've got CPR, first aid, SIDS, etc, why not become licensed? Is it expensive or a PITB in your state?
I can't answer for the other poster but I know in my state where I am not required to be licensed or registered (Ohio) they would likely require me to do many updates/fence in our very large backyard (over an acre) if I were to become licensed. We really don't have thousands of dollars sitting around to do so. I never want to watch 6 kids at a time (3-4 is more the ratio I enjoy) so to me being licensed would cause more heartache & expense when I am happy to only provide care for 1-2 families at a time not 5 or 6. So for me being licensed seems unnecessary because I have no intention of wanting to have multiple families all at the expense of having the state come & tell me what to do. I do have CPR certification, a college degree & report my income which is very similar to what other local providers charge.
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