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Originally Posted by Sugar Magnolia View Post
Um, we are discussing ILLEGALLY OPERATING A CHILD CARE! NO ONE is saying unlicensed is bad. Illegal is bad. It's really not that confusing. Should I get out the dictionary?
Oy Vey!

I agree with blackcat...btw.
I think some of the problem is that in some states it is illegal no matter what and other states it is legal to be unlicensed. So, in some posts when the poster says unlicensed in her state that means illegal. Other posters are possibly assuming they are talking about all unlicensed care.

I know the OP specifically stated illegal but others haven't used the word illegal or they had a long post and only used it in the first sentence and then started to just use unlicensed.

This was my mistake in reading some so I'm thinking maybe others did the same thing.

There is a post that starts out saying in their state it is illegal to be unlicensed period but by the time I got to the end I was thinking she was just talking legally unlicensed.

I'm thinking this is why people are defending their legally unlicensed care. Does that make sense?

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