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Originally Posted by My3cents View Post
because they can't afford to leave and why rock the boat when you have it good at

Thanks BC. I responded in bold above.

I don't care for thriller gore but I do like true crime. I really have to push myself to read. I read a ton on the internet but to do a whole novel I have good intentions that sizzle.
Janet Evanovich's books are about a gal that was working in the retail industry but goes to work as a bounty hunter for her uncle. Let's just say she is NOT very good at it and trouble finds her EVERY where she goes. She has a rag tag team of co-workers that are a hoot! (Here is her site

The true crime books I read and love are by Ann Rule. Super good writer. Ex-Seattle detective that worked side by side with Ted Bundy while he was at his "busiest" and all the while Ann had no clue what he was up too.... She writes about some really high profile cases that happen near Seattle and across both Oregon and Washington areas.

She has a way of drawing you into the story on a personal level. She writes both full length novels about cases and a few collections of short stories.
ALL are good and worth the read though.

Here is her site

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