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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
So do you ever have a time when someone takes too much of something and there is not enough for everyone? oR what do you also do with the ones that refuse to even try a certain food?
If I have 6 kids, I put 7 or 8 servings in the serving bowl.

I use a spoon that is the correct serving size for that food item. If it's peas for example and 1/2 cup is the serving size then the spoon I use is only a 1/2 cup. I have each child take only their serving. If they get a heaping spoonful, it's okay because I put a little extra in the bowl.

I don't do anything for the ones that refuse to try food.

Everyone takes their serving size on their plates.

Eat what you want but there is no seconds of anything until the plate is clean. If you eat everything but the peas there is still no seconds.

Eat or don't eat. I don't care. I do NOT fight with kids in regards to eating things. That's one area where there IS a natural consequence.

Peer pressure is a fabulous thing with little kids. If you have one good eater that can lead the way the others usually follow.

I've had entire groups of kids (10-12 daily) that eat everything every day without any issues for years now.

I think the last picky eater I had is a high schooler now
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