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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
How old are the children who are able to serve themselves? My group is three and under, I have 6 and an infant. I can't see the two year olds being able to serve. But if the 3yo did it, the little ones would want to as well....I guess the key would be to try and eventually they'll get it. Two of my dck have been super picky and wouldn't even touch a veggie. Now that I've had a new 3dcb who eats broccoli by the pound, the little ones are trying it and even saying that's good I like it! Peer pressure is real in this dc house!
Anyone old enough to sit at the table is allowed to serve themselves.

The youngest I have at the table right now is 18 months. They've been at the table and out of the high chair since 12 months.

The key is to "guide" them. I will do hand over hand serving with the littlest ones or the ones that struggle. Letting them do most the work but guiding the "small motor skills" until they can master it on their own.

The other trick to it is all child sized serving bowls, spoons and pitchers. I sometimes put only one serving of milk in the little plastic pitcher so one child can pour their own and then I refill it for the next kid or two...depending.

You just really have to know your kids' skills and where their at when doing family style. It's definitely a nail biter some days but the skills they learn are SOOOO valuable that it's worth a little bit of spilled milk or a few rolling out of control peas.
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