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Default SA Schedule

I have an infant enrolled that has a school ager sibling that needs care next week for winter break, one day. I have met the child a few times and have the feeling that she gets her way at home. DH gets her off the bus and up to the house with dd and then one of her parents arrive to pick up, she does not always make it inside.

One day during a snow storm, she came inside and made herself at home, including picking up her infant sibling. I corrected her right away and told her that it was not allowed in my home.

So basically, I have not really gotten a chance to get to know her or set any ground rules with her.

She and dd seem to get along for the most part but I do not want to take any chances. I have never had a school ager before for just a day and I really need help with a schedule for her.

I do not want her in DD room if I knew her better it may be different. Other than dd toys (which I do not want them pulled out), most of my toys are for preschool and under. As of now, I will only have DD, DCG, and sibling on Monday.

Please help me with some activities that I can put together for her and/or dd is in K, to do while I am taking care of the baby.

She is in 7 and in 1st grade, she is being medicated for ADD. She also opts not to listen and she rarely gets corrected for it either.

I plan on having a movie for them during nap time as I do not expect them to sleep but I will need a break. I do not attend for any other screen time during the day.

Most days it is 10 degrees or below, so going out for any great length of time is out.

What are some things that I could have them do besides CHORES?
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