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Originally Posted by Baby Beluga View Post
I too didn't want to spam my friends and family with FB stuff. So I have two different FB accounts. One is strictly for family and friends and one that is strictly business that my business page is attached to. Just a thought for you.

I have boosted 2 posts. The first one I had inquiries from and gained a lot of likes, but did not net any new enrollments. The second one I just got views. No new likes or inquiries. So I think it's a toss up. Before paying again I would advertise in moms groups and other free forms of advertising.
I also have two! I should have said that. I don't invite people to like it, but I think I can do that. I've always had the best luck in the mom groups, but some are now forbidding posts about daycare (boo). But that really is the best place to start (and free).

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