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Default Honestly Why Are People Rude?

My full timer, comes in every morning and dad puts her coat on my little table by the door. I always have some sort of decoration on there. Right now it's my snowman and a little sign. I mean does anyone think this is rude? As soon as he does it, I take it off and put it on one of the 2 doorknobs that i have right there. To the right is a closet and to the left is the basement, so there are doorknobs there. There may be another coat on them, but you can always double it up. I would never dream of putting a coat on someone's decorations. Do I just need a vacation or is this rude? So now this weekend, I'm going to get one of those over the door hangers and that way I can put it up in the morning and take it down and tuck it in the closet when they leave. Here are 2 pics, one of what it normally looks like and the other is what dad does every morning.
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