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Originally Posted by sahm1225 View Post
That is very rude, but Iím having one of those weeks where everyone has been rude or inconsiderate that maybe Iím over exaggerating. But I think at this point, you need to be direct andask him NOT to do that. Some people are just jerks and donít think things through. I have a dcd that throws the kids coats on TOP of the coat rack... and another one that I have to say Ďplease CLOSE the doorĒ every morning.
Oh Lord me too. I have a screen door where the top is a screen, but it has built in the storm that slides up to shut off the screen. (if that makes sense). I leave the screen open about 4 inches because if I don't, the big door doesn't close easily. Too much suction. So they come in every day and stand there flapping. I walk right around them and say excuse me and shut the door lol. I mean duh. You wonder why the kids don't listen? The parents aren't too swift.
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