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Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
I'm not moving the table. This is my home and I'm not rearranging anything because he's rude. Plus, I use that table for daycare. It has 6 baskets in it that you can't see and that's where every child has their diapers and wipes. I'm going to pick up the over the door rack with 6 hooks to put on the closet door which is right there. There will be no need for him to put the coat on there anymore. So when he comes Monday and starts to put it on the table, I'm going to say "Oh, I bought a door hook right here. Coats were scratching my table." That way the problem is fixed and he understands that he was being rude. Surprisingly, the kids have never bothered any of my decorations or my tree. I have had 2 broken ornaments in 18 years of daycare. It's weird, they look, but they never touch.
Every year I put up decorations in the daycare house and the kids and I talk about looking and not touching etc etc.... Im happy to say the kids are fantastic!!!

But then it never fails, ever year I have that one parent that will pick up their kid and say "See how pretty" as they are holding them up high 3 inches from the ornament or lights I just spent the week teaching them not to touch.
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