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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Every year I put up decorations in the daycare house and the kids and I talk about looking and not touching etc etc.... Im happy to say the kids are fantastic!!!

But then it never fails, ever year I have that one parent that will pick up their kid and say "See how pretty" as they are holding them up high 3 inches from the ornament or lights I just spent the week teaching them not to touch.
Are parents amazed that the kids don't bother your things? I always laugh when I hear the parents say they only put ornaments on the top of the tree, put stuff around the tree so they can't get it. Never had a problem. Honestly, I rarely have to say no. They just know how I am and they learn from that. That would irritate me if a parent held them up to the tree like that. So I bet the child reaches out to an ornament there too.
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