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Originally Posted by momofsix View Post
At least he didn't hang it on that super cute wall hanger above the table
I think having the visual of a coat hook should definitely help him. I, myself wouldn't hang a coat on the doorknob in someone elses house either, especially if there are other coats on it. I would probably ask where you'd want it though and definitely wouldn't use the table.
Pretty sure coats aren't allowed to be stored on top of/touching each other here.
Just curious, are you an in-home or group or center? This is the first time I"ve heard of coats not being able to touch. If I have 6 here in a day I don't have a wall long enough for them to have coats hung up without touching. What state are you in? I'm glad we dont' have that rule lol. We had lice on a couple of kids last year and since then I stopped bags from coming in for that reason.
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