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Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
I'm attaching the picture again of my entry way. You can see in the picture that the door to your right is the front door. The door that the new rack is on is a closet, I am standing in a hallway. Immediately to the left is the door that goes to the basement (so opposite the closet door). When you come in the front door and walk straight 3 feet, you're in my living room. As you can see really no place for coat hooks, so everyone has always just put the coats on the door knobs. It's worked perfectly fine for 3 years with everyone. never had any problem at all. Until this week for some reason he thinks he should put his daughters coat on my decorations.
Is your front door metal?

I have these super strong magnet hooks on my door and they work FABULOUSLY. I keep them slightly higher up out of reach and they hold heavy coats (even mine).
Plus, you can remove them for weekends!
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