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Wink keep it simple

Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
Now that I put the hooks over the door I absolutely will. He's been bringing her here 2 years now and this is the first week he's been putting the coat on my things, so I don't know why he started doing that. Now he has no excuse though since I do have the hooks and if he does it after that then I will absolutely say something.
"Coats go here." When they walk in the door, say "Good morning, coats go here." Speak before he acts. Repeat as necessary. Don't over explain, don't apologize or feel badly about speaking up. So over worrying about what people think. Keep it simple, short and to the point. Works for children AND adults!

Question though - is your front door unlocked so people can come in right away? I keep my front door locked so I can "head them off at the pass!" (and for safety reasons) Shoes are off after my entryway.
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