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Originally Posted by flying_babyb View Post
Double sided stick tape on the top, when child sticks you can say "Oh sorry mom/dad. I put some tape up there to keep x (spiders, ants, cat) off"
or try covering the top in decor that would require them to move the items before they sat their child up there. Decorative fence anyone?
There is a clip board, tissues and hand sanitizer sitting on the laminated sign. The parent that is most habitual offender doesn't drop off any longer but when they did, they just brushed the items aside and sat their kid directly on the sign.

I finally told him to knock it off but there were several times before and after I addressed it that I know it happened but I didn't see it.

My cubby room is completely separate and it's hard to see into the main area of the house unless you are standing right at the entrance so I didn't see him sitting his kid there until after when other parents or kids told me.

Thankfully, this parent no longer drops off or picks up.
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