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I am cracking up this morning. The original dad that I made this post about came in this morning, hung up his daughters coat and then put her hat and mittens back on the table. I grabbed them immediately and said "you know what? Let's put these right in the sleeve of her coat to keep me organized." lol I picked them up and put them inside her coat and hung it back up on the hook. He says, oh yea ok. haha

Another mom came in and put her childs sippy cup on it and his ziplock of pullups. I picked up the sippy and handed it back to her. I don't have kids bring drinks from home and opened the drawer right there and put the ziplock of pullups in it. Every child has a drawer and she knows that.

Mom of my 15 month old comes in with his pacifier in his mouth. She sets him down, picks the pacifier out of his mouth and sets it on the table. I immediately open the top drawer (his) and toss it in. First of all, why do you let him have it in the car and then make me bad and take it away as soon as he walks in? Secondly, do you think I want his spit on my table?

All ya can do is laugh right? I figure if I rinse and repeat long enough in 6 to 8 months they'll get it right? lol
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