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Your feelings are very real.Its winter,holidays are over everyone is cooped up.When my family was young I always tried to do something on weekends.For me nighttime was to hard.I quickly cleaned up daycare ,made dinner and tried to take a minute for myself.I loosened up on daycare schedule.You want more free play awesome.We always went out and everyone ran around ,that helped with naps.After awhile I started taking a third week of vacation.I made it Feb break when kids were out of school.Parents were often home with school age but still brought littles to DC.I loved staying home with my own kids and letting them have the house to themselves .You may not want to take the whole week but wha tabout adding an extra day to Presidents weekend?At least Feb is a short month and daylight savings day early in March.I always joked "don't make any big decisions in late Jan or Feb.Another idea is to make some easy lunches ,maybe Monday picnic day (sandwiches)make before they arrive .I even cut the fruit and veggies plated the meal covered and slid into the fridge.No room put it on a covered porch ect.Friday was Pizza or cheese sandwich day.Made all the sandwiches put on cookie sheet keep cool until ready to cook in oven.Lastly remember go out to work is no bargain.If your own kids need you its hard.They would have to go somewhere ect.Spring will come hang on. youv'e got this
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