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Default Eye Infection AND Ear Infection

This little girl has had a cough since Monday, eye goop Monday and Tuesday. I told the mom, dcb has eye goop and she says " oh it must be allergies" I let it go as I didn't see any pink. Wednesday she messages me that she's staying home with the baby because she has a fever. She shows up today and I ask "hows the baby" she still a little sick but I don't have anyone to cover me at work" I let it go. At pick up I let her know baby has way too much eye goop for it not to be infectious and has a horrendous cough and she's slept all day. Her response " she must be tired" umm no she's not tired, she's freaking SICK. She takes her to the walk in and messages me she has an ear infection. Okay, told you so. I ask her to get me a note saying her eye stuff isn't infectious. Messages me later saying they can't give her such note because she has an eye infection!!! I've been saying this forever! I wasn't an MA for 8 years and learned nothing.

Now, she says " I guess I'm not working tomorrow" I feel like she's wanting me to say "oh you can bring her in" f no! I have my own kids, one with a crappy immune system. I've explained to her multiple times I can't take sick kids, her 10 year old showed her my "Don't bring me to daycare IF" sheet and she ignores everyone!
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