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Default Vacation!!

I live 250 miles away from my family. I rarely get to see them because of my daycare schedule. I currently do not have weekday clients & my weekend family did not need me for today, so I was planning a trip to visit my family. Well, I got a new client that was supposed to start this week (Tues - Thurs). So I was scrapping the trip. Yesterday the new mom said that her DD was still in school and I would only have her 1 hr (instead of 4) a day for those 3 days. After I thought about it, it seemed crazy to miss this opportunity to see my family just so I could work 3 hours this week, so I talked to the new mom today and asked if we can just start the next week. She said, "sure, no problem." I also explained that we would be better able to get acquainted when we can start with the regular schedule. I did not think 1 hour a day for 3 days would be productive for getting to know each other because she would arrive, have a snack, clean up and only have 20-30 minutes to play, then go home. The mom agreed! Also, I asked her to ask her DD's teachers where they were at in school so I can continue with DCG over the summer. The mom loved that idea!

If the mom had any problem with it, I would have stayed home so I wouldn't lose a client. But I am SO glad she was fine with it! So, my daughter and I are on our way to visit my family! Yay!!
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