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Default Proud of my dc kids

I was really irritated this morning; it is our 'going to the park' day and my assistant (who has been on vacation all last week and two days this week) called in 'sick'. I may post something in the venting thread on that one....

Anyway, I decided to take the kids to the park by myself since it's not their fault and they look forward to it. I sat them down and told them that I needed absolutely their best behavior or we couldn't go to the park. They all agreed All nine of them (plus two babies).

They did awesome! They all played nicely together, no fighting etc. We were having a little snack, some water and preparing to go home when this grandma there with her granddaughter came up to me and complimented me AND the kids on how well behaved they were.

I'm just so proud of them~it makes up for the less than stellar day we had yesterday, lol!
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