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Originally Posted by bork276 View Post
Thanks for the advice! I guess my biggest issue with her is getting her out of my damn house ! She wants the infant grams daily but then why do i have to sit and talk with her for 20 minutes. I do think she got the hint last time when my children were having a quick tie me over snack and she asked them why they were having snack and we ignored her. she said ok don't answer me. And good idea on the because of insurance for siblings i never thought of that before. i need to be better about just handing the baby saying how her day was and just walking away. she is the type though that if you don't sit and kiss her ass then she will pull but maybe that will not be such a bad thing
have the child/children ready to leave, or I play with them out in the front yard, so when they pull up, they are ready to go home. I give them all the info, I need to, and turn around and say goodnight!!! It works!!!
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