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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Thank you, Small Batch for your insightful input. I would like to have a private convo with you to further discuss my new company and why I am doing this. You seem to get it, the motivation behind my plan. If you are interested in a chat, please email me,
As for the rest of you who made comments, some aggressive, I do appreciate the feedback. I know that I would face the backlash from those who have their own vested interest. I am fine with that, I don't really care how harsh or closed minded you can be prior to hearing all of the details. Once we are ready to present it to the public, you will realize that the children are my priority. It will also provide security to the business owners regardless of whether or not you think its too big brother.

I will be advertising on this site and many others. This is coming and you can choose to participate, or not. That is the beauty of this country. Free choice. I am free to try and correct problems when they affect innocent children that are too young to advocate for themselves. Realize that you have 12 children who belong to other people and just because you work from you home does not give you a bigger right to privacy that a commercial center.

I will be absent for a couple of days due to a serious ankle injury, but I will be back and ready to answer your questions, or just listen to the naysayers.

Have a nice long holiday weekend.
Um, pretty sure this site isn't available for you to advertise on for free. Especially a product or service that most providers find ridiculous. So unless you've already gotten approval from the owner of this site, I'd tread lightly when stating how you will be using this site.

Of course, you can still open/start any type of business you want. That IS free choice but I will share with you right now that if you continue to "sell" your product/service in the same manner you presented it here, you will find yourself without many customers.

Don't under estimate the members of this forum or their reach into the child care community.

I "converse" daily with 1,000's (NOT an exaggeration) of other providers across the country (in home, center and in other roles in the early childhood field) and when I brought up this subject and the type of service you are trying to sell most were much harsher than any member here was.

You can probably sell the idea to parents but since they aren't the business owners....good luck with that. I wouldn't count on parents being persuasive for you as most of us have years and years of experience teaching parents who actually runs our businesses.

I also mentioned this concept to my licensor and according to her after speaking with DHS relayed to me that your biggest fight will be the state. My licensor said she would never approve the use of open video feeds or cameras for parents. It would create way too much work for them having to follow up on complaints that parents "think" they witnessed as well as dealing with privacy issues.

I wish you luck and am glad to see that you are not feeling detoured due to the responses you are getting here. It takes determination to continue moving forward when your entire marketing group does not agree with you.
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