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Nannyde has provided the reality check people need here. Most abuse happens by a family member. The closer they are the more likely they are to abuse. Providers account for 0.04% of abuse. So saying you trust your family member shows how naive YOU are.

I have worked in centres where I was appalled at how the staff treated the kids. Not abuse by any stretch but making snide sarcastic comments or being generally condescending. None of that would be caught on tape! Having said that I know a LOT MORE parents who treat their kids like garbage. Basically if you want your child to have the best life, stay home and raise them otherwise you have no choice but to blindly trust someone else with your child. I quit my high paying job and stayed home for this very reason. I take care of other peoples kids because I want to provide quality care for kids and families. What I see more often than not though are parents wanting to pay next to nothing for a half assed provider. They see I run a quality program, their kids love me and they try and treat me like crap by pushing my policies. These parents donít care about abuse, they care about their money. The parents that do appreciate quality are all too eager to pay whatever I charge. Saying all parents even care is beyond naive.

Oh and please donít say some parents donít have the choice. There is always a choice it just might be a hard one.
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