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Blackcat31 07:23 AM 05-01-2015
Originally Posted by childcaremom:
What does everyone have for toys in this age group. (The youngest age I accept is 10 months but gear this area for 12-18 as I rarely end up with super young ones)

I currently have:
wooden blocks (different shapes and sizes)
tree branch blocks
wooden animals
wooden vehicles
play silks
wool babies
small wool items (I don't know how to describe them w/o coffee in me, bunting dolls I guess? Sized to fit in their hand)
wooden ring stacker
wooden cup stacker
wooden house stacker
pocket wall hangings

I do have some little people items but am hoping to ditch these and replace with something else.

What does your room have?
I have pretty much everything you described too but I also have a large floor mirror (they LOVE looking at themselves) a toddler table and chairs and a climber.