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childcaremom 03:29 PM 08-27-2015
Originally Posted by Josiegirl:
I absolutely love some of these toys on the sites mentioned. Do you think they're worth the money? Looking at them I sooo want to buy one nice thing at a time, as I can afford them and replace the crappy plastic toys I have. Just don't know if I can afford it.
I fell in love with the 4 earth elements block puzzle set. Can't remember how much it is (250+)but I know my eyes popped out of my head.
I bought a ton of natural toys when I first opened. Things I would not buy again include wooden cars. Hardly get used. So sad b/c they are so beautiful.

Having said that, everything else gets played with. Playsilks were the best investment. These are used all the time. Soft toys: bunting babies, waldorf dolls, etc are the second best. I have wooden play foods, kitchen accessories, tools, puzzles, etc. My husband and I made stacking toys that have held up really well. Wool balls (easy to make, too).

Check out etsy. I found some really unique items there. Some shops even offered a discount if I was making a purchase of a certain amount. I know they have the element toys on there.

I think they were worth the money. It was a huge expense but each pay I set some money aside to spend on toys. A bit here, a bit there. They are all heirloom quality and will last for a long time. And they make me happy to look at and be around Seems silly but I like being surrounded by natural items. Pleasing and soothing.