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TomCopeland 10:38 AM 03-26-2021
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
Hi, it's calcare
I'm confused. Are you saying we can use the nice big number from the months that we were open and use that time space percentage for the entire year, even if we were closed most of the months? Cause I added up time space using the few hours I was open and came up with like 8%, which I expected, I knew that would be the case when I closed. And then I used that 8% time space for the entire year rent, utilities, etc.

Tom, are you saying there is a more advantageous way? Thanks!
If you use the larger time-space% for the months you were open, then you can apply that percentage to your house expenses for those months only. Or, you can calculate your time-space% based on the entire year, and then apply this percentage to your house expenses for the entire year.