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Abigail 11:10 PM 01-21-2011
I don't want to spend a ton of time planning either. I'm going to hang up a letter, probably starting with A as it makes sense and do a letter a day and maybe use Friday to review all four letters so I can keep the group up with remembering. Then, I would probably create a "free choice" activity that relates to the letter and/or number if we introduce a number. Numbers I would choose randomly so I would end up with all ten for sure which would only take 2 weeks, 3 at most. For example, it's day three so you're on letter "C". Your "Free choice" is actually your free choice for an acitivity. If you go for a walk, you can ask them to find things that start with a C like Car, Cat, Candy, Colors...even something just around the daycare room. Then, if you're on number 6, you can ask them to find six things that start with a C (which may not be likely unless you're looking for six cars or have them draw six cats, cards, cars, etc.) so you could just no link the two together and have the kids draw six of something. It's fairly simple and easy to think on your feet.

I would do numbers 1-20, but focus on 1-10 and include the number 0 because most charts start at 1 and not 0. I would do the alphabet in order (or just choose random letters too! but I'm OCD and need to have it hung up in order on my wall each day as a I go. I would also add shapes and colors of the day or week....however you do it.