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lvt77 06:41 AM 01-22-2011
most of the programs that I use are on the costly side.
you can google these:

I use Mother Goose TIme not too expensive, it is preplanned and all written out for you, you just have to follow the lesson plan book for you. Most of the suplies are included in a daily packet and you have nothing to sort or cut out... I like it ok, not my personal fav., but the parents seem to enjoy seeing all the little projects that get sent home daily. Warning its a lot of paper

I also teach Zoo phonics, pricy, but worth every penny.
I used to teach high scope, its ok just like other programs better

funshine express, the learning box, and reach for the stars

I would go online and look at free printables... like the
there are a lot of other website online that you can print for free, but I cant think of them off the top of my head..

hope this helped some